COVID Policy

Published on 24 June 2022

As is the nature of COVID19, regulations within each country change all the time, sometimes with short notice. The onus is on the attendee to ensure that they have all the correct passport, health and visa requirements as required by their home country and South Africa.

All information we provide is subject to change at a moment’s notice. Please check again a week before your departure if anything has changed. For information on health, passport, visa requirements, the passenger can check on or or the airline website or the relevant country’s government website.

South Africa Government links to COVID information:

Update to legislation 22 June 2022:

Imbizo policy revised in line with new SA Government regulations as of 22 June


All Students, Teacher’s Assistants (TAs) and Faculty will be required to be fully vaccinated; proof of vaccination card is required at the time of accepting your place in the school. If vaccines are not available in your home country please contact us to discuss this further

Anyone who feels unwell, at any time, must notify the organisers immediately so the necessary precautions can be followed and preparations made.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate immediately (cost covered by the school).

All Students, TAs and Faculty will be required to have their own fully comprehensive medical insurance that covers all medical costs including COVID-19-related costs (doctors visits, hospitalisation, ambulance transport, ICU, medicines, etc.). It is the attendees’ responsibility to ensure the policy fully covers them whilst attending a conference in South Africa.

Please be advised that all lectures and some meals will take place in a shared space and often indoors.

The Imbizo may cover the cost of one COVID-19 test for any attendee who requires a test prior to flying back to their home country. Please discuss your needs with the Imbizo Team.


A comprehensive and effective onsite COVID policy was implemented for Imbizo 2022 and will be circulated to all attendees closer to the start of Imbizo.