Health Policy

Published on 22 June 2022 | updated on 14 August 2023

The health and safety of all attendees at Imbizo is of utmost importance. The Imbizo is a unique environment, and while similar to other summer schools it has its own unique format and policies that need to be followed to ensure the safety and health of all participants.

Spending a lot of time together and sharing meals are central to the Imbizo experience. However, these close interactions can also increase the risk of getting sick, for example COVID-19. To protect our small community the following policies are in place and should be adhered to by all attendees.


It is the responsibility of all attendees to check with their local travel clinics to find out if they require any vaccinations to enter South Africa to avoid being denied entry on arrival. Please make sure you do this before you accept your place on Imbizo.

It is recommended that all travelers to South Africa ensure they are up to date on routine vaccinations such as diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis and measles-mumps-rubella.

Immunization for yellow fever is an entry requirement if the journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America or if you have recently visited a yellow fever area. The immunization must be done at least 14-10 days prior to arriving in South Africa. Please make sure you check this with your local travel clinic.

COVID-19 measures

We acknowledge the seriousness of COVID-19 and encourage you to do what makes you feel comfortable while at Imbizo.

Attendees should all have been vaccinated against COVID19, however top up vaccinations are not required prior to arrival.

Wearing masks while in close proximity to others can stop or slow down the transmission. If you would like to wear a mask during lectures or when close to others you are welcome to do so.

Imbizo will not be testing attendees. You are encouraged to bring your own home test kits to use yourself if you start to feel unwell. Please be aware you can not buy home test kits in South Africa.

We encourage everyone to sanitize and wash hands thoroughly and often.

Access to medical care

Although South Africa has a wide range of living standards, most visitors experience high standard medical care comparable to first world nations. South Africans use both the national public health system and private medical practitioners.

Our onsite team will assist with making doctors appointments and take you to the doctor should the need arise.

Travel insurance

All Imbizo attendees are required to have their own travel & medical insurance travel policy that covers them for all medical eventualities, including, but not limited to- death, repatriation, hospitalization, doctors visits, x-rays, medication and dispensary costs.

You can purchase single trip travel insurance policies online prior to departure. You are required to send proof of your travel insurance to as soon as possible.

Attendees in the past have bought cover from many different companies, including Allianz Global Insurance and Travel Guard by AIG*

*Please note Imbizo has no affiliation with the above mentioned providers and this is a suggestion.

Access to a pharmacy

Imbizo is located a short drive from a pharmacy. If you are feeling unwell and need to buy medicine our onsite team will take you to the pharmacy to purchase any medications you need.

Please note that should you be taking chronic medication that requires a script you should bring enough of this medication with you. Sometimes international scripts are not accepted at local pharmacies and will require you seeing a local doctor to get a new script.

Imbizo staff are not permitted to buy or administer any medication including headache pills and antacid pills. We suggest you bring any over the counter medication you routinely use when feeling unwell with you.